World Wide Work


«The Internet is a recent phenomenon that cannot yet be fully understood. In this imminently visual medium, we turn our attention to images. We consider a cycle in which their production shapes the world and is shaped by it. How are designers influenced by the Internet, not only at work, but also in everyday life? What image do they have of the world? What image do they make of the world?»

A design workshop and ethnography about the impact of Internet use among young graphic designers. Developed at Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts as part of Guilherme Sousa’s final MA project in Anthropology (FCSH-NOVA).

Over several weeks (during the covid-19 pandemic), a group of design students debated their use of the Internet and its impact on their design practice. This debated was then materialized in two different practical exercises: an image moodboard and two virtual backgrounds for zoom calls.

Download MA thesis (PT):

Credits: Guilherme Sousa

Participants: André Coelho, Gonçalo Nascimento, Margarida Godinho, Rodrigo Julião, Sofia Paz, Victória Gazineu
Final result from exercise #1 (image moodboard).
Screenshots from the final results of exercise #2 (virtual background).