Guilherme Sousa + Laura Araújo

We started working together as graphic designers in 2015. Individually or as a duo, we also develop projects in brand communication, multimedia art, writing, publishing and visual culture research.

Our approach is based on research, careful planning and playful experimentation. Working for both the public and private sector, we create visual identities, publications, posters, social media campaigns, signage systems and much more. As authors and artists, we have done art pieces and installations, books, music and live performances.

Contra-Estúdio isn’t really a graphic design studio. It is more like a partnership that integrates the diverse experience and interests of two freelance designers who like working, learning and having fun together. Mixing references and influences, pushing boundaries in every field and facing the future with productive curiosity.

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Guilherme Sousa (b.1994 - Vila Real, PT) is a designer and visual culture researcher. He lives and works in Lisbon, where he studied Communication Design and Anthropology. He started writing regularly about topics of his interest in 2013, publishing these texts in the press, in his own publications and on the Internet. He has initiated editorial, artistic and research projects and has integrated teams in projects for clients such as the Lisbon City Council, Lux Frágil or Festival Iminente. He often collaborates with other designers, artists and authors, sharing his design practice with Laura Araújo (Contra-Estúdio).  He is the author of the book "O design por dentro das palavras" (2020, Caleidoscópio) and of a Master's thesis on design and the Internet (FCSH NOVA, 2022). In addition to this he also produces music and visual art work.

Laura Araújo (1993; Câmara de Lobos, PT) is a Lisbon-based graphic designer. She graduated in Communication Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (FBAUL) in 2015. From 2015 to 2017, she was part of the communication design department at FBAUL, working with clients such as the University of Lisbon and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. In 2016, she joined the design department at A Vida Portuguesa, which she now leads alongside her colleague Sónia Costa. She shares her freelance design practice with Guilherme Sousa (Contra-Estúdio).